The dissemination rules of ads on

An ad or a message that does not respect our rules of procedure will be automatically removed. The following list is non-exhaustive and is reserves the right to withdraw any content without any warning or notification. This type of withdrawal of ads can also cause the suspension or withdrawal of the user of the site services.

Are strictly prohibited on the site to:

Post an ad in the category or subcategory that does not correspond Publish different ads with a similar or close content Propose several real or services in a single advertisement Post an ad to the content too short or ambiguous Publish an ad whose object is prohibited or regulated by the legislation in force Use the information from a third party (name, telephone number, photo, email...) Reveal anything private in nature or violate the privacy of a third party Republishing of the information online by another user Publish ranging content against physical and a third party's intellectual property rights Disturb another user activity Issue content responsibility of Tasiri or taking his identity or that of its employees Include a daytime phone number surcharged in an advertisement, except for category 'clairvoyance '. Publish an ad whose purpose is to advertise a site or a competitor service at The promotion of a website Advertise for fate, gifts or other prints price Take the words false, defamatory, hateful, profane, pornographic, obscene or any other words of nature inappropriate (at our discretion) Publish an ad or a message containing a virus or other destructive agent or contaminant that might prevent the proper functioning of the site or access to the site by users


Are strictly prohibited on the site:

The illegal products, drug or other product related Dangerous objects (firearms, explosives, pistols to lead...) Blood products, body fluids, organs or other elements of human nature Medicines and medical accessories The furs and skins of beast, turtle shells, elephant tusks, wood... Uniforms and badges of Police or other uniforms and official badges The counterfeits, replicas, not legal copies and pirated recordings,. Tobacco and alcohol Used lingerie The sale in the lot of multimedia products (computers, phones...)


Are strictly prohibited on the site :

The financial pyramids, silver chains and offers from multilevel marketing Inserting and entry operators jobs Adult jobs (webcam adult, visio for adult...) The ads of massage, relaxation and ads of hostesses


Are strictly prohibited on the site:

To propose or request funding or credit between individuals Castings, photos and videos erotic or pornographic Proposals or requests for services sexy, bare, or otherwise The pictures have no connection with the subject of the ad